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Finished Leather

we are specialized in small skin manufacturing: lamb, sheep and goat from Spain (Entrefino), France, New Zealand , North Africa, England. Our articles are designed for garment, leather good and shoe.

Products example:

Finished leather
French and Entrefino “Plongé”

The leather is dyed in drums with no finishing (no pigments). This is the most natural looking leather.

Full Vegetable :
  • Plongé: from New Zealand origin (EGYPT) or English origin (KEOPS)
  • A wide range of articles is available for shoe, leather good and garment :Shrunken, natural and pigmented, antique, nappa, waxi, Jaspe, nubuck, suede, double-face, Skivers Nappa, Destroy, Bombardier, Alabama, Jurassic, pekari etc...
Stretch plongé or stretch suede :
  • From New Zealand origin
  • From French origin
  • From French origin

This line is available in more than 60 references (plongé, suede, suede waxi, strass, python, printed, embossed, perforated, denim, metallic…)

Raw skin, pickle, wet blue and crust :

We have a wide offer in Lamb, goat and baby goat.

Products example:

Raw skin

Vegetable Extract

We can offer Quebracho ATO, ATD, ATS, Mimosa FS, ME, Chestnut, Tara and much more.


Vegetable extract